Masturbating in my Mother-In-Laws Period Panties | Super Hot Story

Hi friends, my name is Kartheek. I wanna tell you my real masturbation story which I had earlier. I am a married guy. In summer 2016 my wife and her mother came to my house in Bangalore after my wife's delivery. It was almost one year since I saw my wife. I am in the very urge to sleep with her after so long time. But my mother-in-law was sleeping with my wife that night. 

The next day when I came from my office, my wife was wearing sexy satin nighty. I can't control myself after seeing her like that. My mother-in-law was preparing food for us in the kitchen. I entered the bedroom and squeeze my wife's back. But her mother told her that we don't do intercourse until one month. I am very disappointed with that. That's have been since one year I fucked a girl last time. I can't resist myself. 

My wife asked me to do a favor of putting clothes in washing machine. That washing machine is in another bedroom's bathroom. No one has used that bedroom except me because I sleep separately at night. I opened our used cloth basket to collect the clothes which is in that bedroom. I started picking up the clothes. Suddenly, I found a pair of black XXL period panties. I know those are not belonging to my wife. Because those are very larger than my wife's waist. I thought those are my mother-in-laws period panties.

I simply closed the bedroom door and simply examined those panties. They have small elastic belts in the crotch area to hold the pad. I sniffed them hardly. I smelled her perfume smell over her crotch area of her panty. Maybe she was using an intimate scent. I simply put them in my underwear and ran into the bathroom. I removed all my clothes and started wanking in my mother-in-law's panties. It was an awesome experience while I pressing my penis in between her panty. It makes sexy sounds while I am jerking with that, maybe there is a plastic sheet at the crotch area of that panty. 

I inserted my penis through pad holder elastic belts and wrap around the panty over my hard erected penis. In the middle, I removed that panty and pull off my foreskin back and wipe off my dirty penis with the crotch area of her panty. There is white colored substance under my foreskin always. I wiped off that thing with her panty. After jerking 5 minutes I leaked huge amount my sperm all over the pussy area of her panty. I dressed up and keep those panties in between my thighs inside my underwear. When I opened that bathroom door, my mother-in-law was there collecting all the clothes from the basket. I am shocked about those two panties inside my underwear. 

After she gone to the bathroom for washing machine, I simply pull out her panties inside my underwear and throw it in the basket again. I am feeling embarrassed about her panties whether she knows I was masturbated in them. My heart was beating fast and my hands are shaken. My face turned red. After I came out from my bath, I opened the basket to drop my used clothes in it. But those panties were not there. I am very much doubtful about whether she knows I masturbated in those panties or not? May be she didn't know.

After two days, before my morning bath I found two more period panties of her in the cloth basket. I simply took one of them and went to the bathroom for bath. It was also a cotton black period panty with thick crotch area. I wore that panty that day instead of wearing my underwear. That feels very loose, comfortable, and sexy to me.  I am wanked my penis inside it always.

That day I masturbated 7 times in that panty while I went to urinate everytime. After I came to my house, I went to bathroom and check that panty. The crotch area was very dirty and my white sperm stains are easily visible on that. I sniffed that panty. It smells dirty with her pussy and my leaked sperm smell. I simply throw it into the cloth basket and went to bath immediately.


Divya Aunty Teach me How to wear her 38 D Bra as my Underwear

Read my previous stories with Divya Aunty to understand our exotic relationship between us.

The next day I woke up after the kid gone to school. I have to go outside for sightseeing on that day. That is a usual rainy day. It's raining since last night continuously. I finished bath early and come out from the bathroom with a towel. I go out to the cloth line and checked my underwear whether those are dried up or not. But due to heavy rain, all my underwears are not dried up. They are all wet. I told my Divya aunty same thing. 

She asked me If I like to wear her used bra as my underwear, she wants to teach me the technique. She takes me into the bathroom and grabs her 38 D used bra from cloth hanger. She wants me to hold her bra ends with my both hands that the bra straps hang up towards the floor. After that she told me to insert my left leg into her left bra strap and pull the strap upwards so that the bra cup holds my penis part firmly into it. She wrapped the other end around my hip and hook up the bra around my hip at the back side.

It feels like super sexy to me while I am pressing my penis bulb through her bra cup. It's a soft cotton bra. After that, I wore my jeans over it and dressed up. I went out for sightseeing and whenever I go to a bathroom, I masturbated inside her bra cup. It feels sexy While I found wet in her bra cup in between my legs after each masturbation. That day I masturbated 6 times inside her bra cup and at 3 O clock, I went to the house. After she closes the door, she asked me to remove my pant. she is in a white satin nighty and looks pretty sexy. I removed my pant and she touches my penis through her bra cup. She feels wet over her bra. She sat below on the floor and sniffing my worn bra. She inhales sexy smell from that dirty cum soaked bra and licks it hardly. 

After that, she pulls off my penis from the bra cup and sucking it deeply with her mouth. After sucking few minutes she stands up and lifted her nighty up. She dropped her panty below her knees and widen her legs. She pulls off my hard erected penis's foreskin with one hand and inserted it into her vagina while she spread her pussy lips with another hand.

I started fucking her in that standing position by pressing her boobs through her bra hardly. She kisses my lips hard and moans sexily. It was an awesome experience that I fuck her in that standing position while I wear her bra as my underwear. Her bra strap rubbing in between my buttocks while I fuck her like that. After 5 minutes I leaked all my sperm inside her pussy. After few minutes I pull off my penis slowly and kept it inside her bra cup again. The bra cup looks like a bulge with my hard erected penis. 

My leaked cum started to come out from her pussy. I simply rub my penis bulge over her pussy to absorb that leaked semen. The leaked semen was all soaked over my bra bulge. After that, she dressed up and went out to receive the kid from school.

Like this every day we enjoyed a lot with sex, naked, bra, panty, fuck, masturbation, wanking, sex positios, upskirt saree sex, and more. 

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Divya Aunty Ask my Underwear to Masturbate | Indian Bra Sex Stories

Hi, My name is Rahul. Thanks to those who read my previous sex stories with my Divya Aunty. Please read the previous stories to understand the exotic relationship between me and my Divya aunty.

For summer holidays I went to Bangalore to my Uncle's house. As usual, he is in his official tour to Jammu. From one week before I reached to Bangalore, My penis was very much eager to fuck Divya Aunty's pussy, bra, and panties. So I called her and share my XXX fantasies with her. She told me to stop masturbating before 4 days to reach her. I asked her why? She told me, "just do it and enjoy the magic". So, like she said I didn't masturbate until I reach there. It feels like it's so difficult for me. I reached to her house in the morning 7AM. She opened the door and welcome me. 

She is wearing brown color satin nighty at that time. She looks like super sexy for me. I grab her back whenever she closed the door. She throws my hand away from her and gave me a naughty smile. She gives me a signal with her hand that the kid already wakes up.

I removed my shirt and started watching TV in the living room. At 7:45 PM she went out to send the kid to school. After she came in and whenever she closes the door, I can't resist myself. I remove my pant and pull out my sexy penis out from my underwear. It's already wetted with my heavy pre-cum. I kissed her on her lips deeply and turn her around. I immediately pull up her nighty and started rubbing my wet penis against her cotton panty. It's feeling awesome. Then she bends forward and slides her panty aside, I pull off my penis's foreskin back and insert it into her soft pussy. Wow, it felt like heaven to me. I started fucking her hard inside her pussy for about 5 minutes. After that, I leaked the huge amount of my cum deep inside her pussy. She adjusted her panty back and pull down her nighty.

After 10 minutes, She is doing the cooking in the Kitchen. I went to her and lift up her nighty again. I touched her panty and it's so wet with my huge sperm. She says It's feeling awesome to her while she is walking with wet panty in between her legs. I slide her panty aside and started fucking her in the kitchen for about 3 minutes and leaked my cum. That day I fucked her 8 times in one hour. My penis was leaking all my cum and it looks like very red. I show my penis to her. She said to remove my underwear immediately.

She went to her bedroom and pick out her floral soft cotton panty and fold it like a pad. She kept it inside her period panty and ask me to wear it. She said the soft panty inside it gives me a relaxing feel and it absorbs all my cum leaked after sex. I wore that panty and it feels amazing to leak all my sperm on her soft panty.

After that, she finished her cooking job and went for the bath. She doesn't close the bathroom door for me. I went to the bathroom to watch her while she was bathing. She picks up my underwear from cloth hanger and inserted the penis area into her pussy. She rubbed her clitoris with my underwear and inserted deeply into her vagina along with her finger. After some time she leaked her vaginal fluids all over my underwear. My underwear's penis area is all wetted with her fluids. She asked me, for that underwear to wear after the bath. I said "yes".  

After she finished her bath, I also went for the bath. After finishing our lunch she was sleeping on her bed. I went to her bedroom and sleep beside her on the bed. I lifted her sexy white top. Her buttocks looks like super sexy with my underwear. I wrap around my right hand over her and insert my fingers into her vagina through my underwear. She was getting mood immediately and lifted her white top even more to show her big blue bra. I pressed hard her boobs through her blue padded bra and she moans sexily while I am pressing. 

I asked her for condoms. She said there are no condoms at home right now. She gets up and picks a 38 D super thin cups bra from her closet. She gave it to me and told me to use that bra cup as a condom. I remove my paijama and wrap one of the super thin bra cup around my penis. I simply pull off her underwear and inserted my penis wrapped with her bra cup around. She keeps her thighs away and guides my penis into her vagina with one hand while she pulls her pussy lips away with another hand. As my penis was felt huge because of her bra cup wrapped around, she moans sexily while I am inserting it into her vagina. After that, I fucked her hard like that for about 8 minutes. She moans loudly and says "I never felt such a huge penis inside my pussy never before... Aaah... Aaaah.. Fuck me hard..... Tear my bra cup inside my pussy.... Come on... Aaahhh... Aaaaah.." Her big boobs in blue padded bra were shaking heavily while I am fucking her hard. She pressed her boobs through her bra hardly while I am fucking her hard.

After some time I leaked all my sperm inside her bra cup. I pull off my penis from her vagina. But that bra was still inside her pussy. She woke up and pull off her super thin bra cup from her vagina. It all soaked with my sperm from one side and with her vaginal fluids from another side. She simply keep it on the dressing table to dry it. After that, she is going to sleep. I also sleep with her while I inserted my penis into her vagina from her back. We sleep like that for about 2 hours. After woke up I grab that super thin bra and sniffed it. It smells sexy to me. 


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My Masturbation Story with Married Girl's Bra

Hi my name is Rakesh. I am a 27 year old married guy. My wife was gone to her home town for delivery. We lived in Bangalore. I am a female used underwear fetish. There is a flat beside our flat in next building. In that a new couple lived in it. May be they are North Indians i think. That lady is so beautiful and bubbly. My watchman told me they are both software engineers. 

Hence it was a summer she opened their kitchen door at all the nights. I observed her from my bedroom window. Usually she wears tight night pants along with T-Shirts. Since so many days, I observed that her husband was not at home. She only cooks herself and sat on dining chairs and watching TV alone. Outside of their kitchen there is a wash area. In that the servant hang her dried clothes everyday. Once I saw her bras and panties I can't resist my self. I masturbated while I am seeing them from my window.

One day I observed a friend of her also stays at there with her. I observed some new bras and panties which are bigger than her hanged on cloth line. She is also so bubbly and skinny. So I think, I wanna talk with her anyway. I walked into my corridor and looking her straightly while she is in her kitchen. She came out to collect the clothes and saw me while staring at her. I gave a small smile at her. She never smiled at me. After that she entered into her living room and came to kitchen again. She was trying to observe me through her kitchen window whether I am here or not. Again I gave a smile to her. This time she also smiles at me. I asked her phone number by doing some hand signals. She bring a chopping board and started writing her phone number by writing one by one with chalk piece. I note down her phone number and immediately called her.

She lift my phone and said "Hi". I talked with her casually by asking her name, age, job and about her husband. She said he is in camp. Since then I called her everyday when she was at home. After a week, I flirted her with my funny and romantic conversations. In between conversations I told her about my fetishism towards used bras and panties. Then she also discuss her sexual desires with me. One day, she opened her kitchen door completely and asked me to see her through my bedroom window. I shocked when I saw her like that. She was standing in her living room with her bare maroon bra and panty. After I saw her like that, I can't resist my self and asked her used bra for masturbation. She came to her corridor with towel rolling around her and through her used bra to my corridor. I immediately grab that and keep it inside my jeans pocket.

After came inside, I also removed my clothes and opened that bedroom window. I started masturbating with her used bra while talking with her over phone and saw her in sexy undies. The bra was cotton bra and it was 38 D. Her boobs are really huge. After jerking some time I leaked all my sperm inside her bra cup. After that I dressed up and throw her bra into her wash area. She grab it and gone inside. She opened that and observed my semen inside her bra cup. She smiles at me naughty and massage her pussy with my semen in her bra.

Since then, she gave me her used bras, panties for masturbation everyday. I smelled all of her panties and bras and feeling very sexy of her smell. Sometimes she gave me her washed panties and asked me to masturbate inside them. I masturbate inside them and throw them into her wash area. She wear them immediately before going to office or outside. She says, it is feeling very sexy to her like fucking me while my semen's wetness moves in between her thighs while walking.

After some days her friend came again. She told me everything between us to her friend. Sometimes her friend also talk to me over phone. Sometimes they asked me to remove my clothes and masturbate by opening my window in front of them.

We three are planning to do sex in their flat tomorrow. I wrote my experience in next story. Please stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories"


My Neighbor Aunty Gives her Panty on my Wife's Request

Hi I am Vinay. I am a recently married guy. My wife was very supportive in satisfying my sexual desires. I am a bra, panty fetish. My wife also knows this. We use my wife's bra or panty in our sex every day. Mostly I used my wife's thin bra as a condom during sex. I wrap it one of her bra cup around my dick and inserted it into her vagina. It gives me more pleasure than doing sex normally. 

Earn with Your Used Panties

My building's family ladies are all host a time pass meeting at the evening in any one's home. One day they have discussed birth control methods what their husbands follow. My wife told them, I am a bra and panty fetish and I was used her bra and panty as a condom. First, they are all laughed. During Dussehra holidays my wife goes to her hometown. Before going to her hometown, she told to the neighbor aunty to gave me curries every day because I am suffering from fever. 

Next day, after she went to her hometown neighbor aunty knock my door and give me some curries as well as she asks me "If you want any panties or bra of mine, please don't hesitate to ask". She also told me "Your wife told me you are a bra and panty fetish". I felt a little bit nervous after she asking me like that. My penis was rising above 90 degrees in my pajama. I don't wear any underwear at that time. She saws at my penis and throws me back and enters into my flat. After that, she asks me where is the bathroom. I told her it's in the bedroom. She went into the bathroom and came out after 5 minutes. 

After came out, she told me "I leave my underwear and bra in the bathroom and I will collect them in the evening". After that, I lock my door and entered into that bathroom. I found her wet velvet floral panty and biscuit color cotton bra on cloth hanger. 

Immediately, I can't resist myself after seeing them on the hanger. I grab her panty and wiped my dirty penis under my foreskin. I grabbed her bra and used that as my underwear. I masturbated 5 times inside her bra and the bra was dried with all of my leaked semen. The smell is also like my dirty penis. After that, my penis was all wet with post cum after masturbation. I wear her panty for 1 hour. Her panty was all wetted with my post cum. 

I rubbed my penis after urine with her bra every time I go to urine. That used bra was all wet with my semen and urine. At the evening she knocks my door and asks her undies. I gave her those and she looks the wetness on her panty and gives a smile at me.

It was an awesome experience wit my neighbor aunt and masturbation in her bra and panty.

Maybe she would tell this to my wife after she came from holidays.