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One day after kid gone to school, I am watching TV and Divya aunty is in kitchen. In the TV, while I am watching "Kotex" sanitary napkin advertisement my penis erected and I got mood. I went to the kitchen. Aunty is in green silk saree and white blouse. Her black bra is clearly visible through her blouse. My penis erected more than 90 degrees after seeing aunty like that.

She looks at me and smile. After that I dropped my night pant. I was lifted her saree up. Her buttocks are skinny and awesome in brown cotton panty. I pulled my foreskin back and the penis was wet with my pre cum. I rubbed my penis over her panty. My pre cum was spread all over her panty. I rubbed my penis 5 minutes to her panty.

After that I pull down her panty little bit below her buttocks. I touched her panty pussy area. It all wet with her urine and vaginal fluids. I slowly insert my penis into her panty from behind and lifted her saree in front with my right hand. I grab my penis with her panty from the front and started jerking my self while seeing her beautiful buttocks. After some time I leaked my semen all over her panty pussy area. And wiped my penis against her panty from back.

She pulled her panty up and smiles at me and said "You naughty". The cum was leaked from me for 5 minutes after that. I asked her bra to wrap around my dick until all the cum leaked out. She said take the one in the bathroom. I took her black satin bra from the bathroom and inserted my penis in to the cup. I wrapped it and knotted her bra straps around my dick. I wear my night pant over it. After some time, I confirmed all my semen was leaked out into her bra. I remove her bra from my penis. The bra cup was all wet with my leaked semen. Then I gave it to her. She simply saw my soaked semen on her bra cup and inserted two of her fingers into that cup. She inserted that into her vagina and started jerking with her semen soaked bra cup. After some time she also leaked her vaginal fluids on the same area. I grab her bra and sniffed it. OMG the smell was awesome and drives me sexy.

After bath we had our lunch. After lunch she called me to her room and gave her white panty. She said soak the pussy area of the panty with my cum. I wrapped her panty around my dick and started jerking back and forth. After some time I leaked my semen all over the pussy area of her panty. I wait until all my cum leaked on the panty. She grab her panty from my dick and started inserting leaked area into her pussy. She started rubbing inside her vagina with that. After some time she also leaked her fluids on the panty. She keep that panty into her vagina and we both slept for 2 hours like that. After that she wake me up and gone to pick up the kid from school.


Divya Aunty Called me to her Bed Room after Bath

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One day after kid went to school Divya aunty gone for bath. I am watching television in the hall. After she came out, I want to go for bath. She told me "Don't masturbate with her panties inside bathroom". I said okay. When I entered into the bathroom. I found her soft black panty and yellow red stripes 38 D bra. I sniffed her panty's pussy area. The smell was awesome. I can't resist myself. My penis is erected 90 degrees and got my pre cum from my penis. But my aunty told me to do not masturbate inside bathroom. After I came out from my bath, she called me to her bed room. She is wearing her brown bra and brown cotton panty.

She wants me to masturbate and leak my semen in her brown panty. She loves the wetness of my semen leaked on her panty for the entire day. I told her "I can't masturbate with my bare hand", So I took her black used panty which is in the bathroom. I wrapped that panty around my dick and started masturbating. I stroked hardly and feeling very hot while saw her big boobs inside 38 D bra. I told her "I am going to leak it". She spread her panty in front my penis and I leaked in all over her soft panty. My cum slipped all over her panty till her vagina. She releases her panty elastic and started rubbing her pussy through the panty. Her panty is all soaked wet with my semen. After that she wore a saree.

We had lunch after that. I am reading some books in the hall. She gone to her bed room. After that I went to her bed room for chit chat. When I went there she is on the bed lifting her saree up and rubbing over panty. She saw me suddenly and told me that, my semen is going to dried up on her panty. So she wants me to cum again on the same panty. 

This time I told her, I fucked her vagina and leaked in her panty at the end. She said okay. I removed my clothes. She is still in saree already lifted. I move over her. She slide her panty and spread her legs. With one hand she spread her pussy lips and with another hand she hold my penis. She inserted my penis into her vagina. It feel like heaven to me. While I am moving back and forth my penis makes zeez sound due to her vaginal fluids. When I stroke her deep, my balls are hitting her buttocks and the sound drives me crazy. After fucking her 5 minutes I removed my penis from her vagina and leaked inside her panty. I stay like that for 3 minutes and I started to pee few drops in her panty for extra wetness. Her panty is all wet with my semen and vaginal fluids. She dressed up after sex. I too wear my clothes. 

After some time she told me, "The wetness of her panty is turned her erotic while walking". At night she went into bathroom for bathing. After she came out I went to the bathroom for bath. I saw her brown cotton panty which she wore in the day time. The scrotum area of the panty had thick stains of my semen and her vaginal fluids. 

After bath I wore that panty. While we had my dinner I told her "I am wearing her brown panty". The kid already slept early. While I am doing my dinner, she slipped my night pant and started wanking my penis throw her panty. My pre cum already released and the wetness came out through the panty. She licked the wetness on the panty. She started jerking my penis through her brown panty. After some time I leaked all my cum inside her panty. That night I masturbated 5 times in that panty.

In the morning she came near to my bed and removes my blanket. She searched for her panty over the bed. I told her it is wrapped around my dick. She insert her hand inside my night pant and grab her panty wrapped around my dick. She sniffed that panty and told me that the dirty smell drives her sexy.


My super fuck with Divya Aunty | by Rahul Kumar

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Story 03: Aunty Wants my Cum all over Her Panties before Wearing

I am in Bangalore at my aunty's house for a vacation. She is aged about 38 years and looks sexy. She had one son of the age 6. Everyday he gone to school at 9 and returned 4:30 in the evening. My uncle was an architect and he gone to camps mostly due to his work. My aunt and me are moving very closely. One day she caught me masturbating on her panty and supports me a lot. From there we move very closely to each other.

That day after the kid gone to school. I woke up and finished my breakfast. In the afternoon she went for a bath and came with towel rolled around her. She told me to go for bath. After finishing my bath she gave me her bra and told me to don't wear anything. She is also in pink cotton panty and white soft bra. She is not wearing any saree or lehenga. My penis was erected beyond 90 degrees when I saw her in her bra and panty.

She asked me to come for lunch. I sit on one of the dining chair. She said "wrap the bra cup around my penis" like a condom. It's a pink soft thin cotton bra. I wrapped one of the cup around my penis like a clothed condom. She also come and trying to sit on me. She slowly slide her panty with one hand and with the other hand she opened her pussy lips. She slowly inserted my penis wrapped with her bra cup and started fucking me from top. It's an awesome experience. My penis is sliding in her vagina with that thin bra cup. The bra cup was soaked all wet with my pre cum and her vaginal fluids. She is moaning like she inserted bigger penis into her vagina. 

I wrapped my hands around her body and started pressing her boobs hard over her white bra. Those are super soft and driving me sexy while I pressing them. The bra around my dick was slipped into her vagina and making zeez sounds while she moves up and down. That sounds driving me super hot and I leaked my semen into her vagina. After that she is still sat on me with my penis inserted into her vagina for 4 minutes. She slowly moved up. And that bra which I wrapped around my penis was slipped on my stomach from her vagina. That is fully soaked wet with my semen and her vaginal fluids. 

After that she took it and lay on her bed for drying. I asked her to give me that bra to night. She smiles and said okay. She took that bra secretly and give that to me that night. I sniffed that bra and the smell driving me sexy again. I wrapped that pink cotton bra around my dick and masturbate in it 5 times that night. In the morning she removes my blanket and search for her bra. It's wrapped around my penis. She took it and smiled at me and asks me "Do you know how to wear bra as your underwear?" I said no. She told me to explain that in afternoon.

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My Brother in law Masturbates in my Panties | Kamini Stories

Hi my name is Kamini. I am 25 years old unmarried and lives in Bangalore. One day my aunt and his son visits to our home from Hyderabad for a wedding in Bangalore. Our house is a two bed room house with attached bathrooms. 

My brother in law name is kartheek. He is so handsome and aged about 28. He completed his MBBS and doing practice in Hyderabad. That day night my brother in law slept on my bed. Me and my aunt slept on the floor beside my bed. I switched off the lights except the bed lamp and everyone gone to sleep.

In the middle of the night my brother in law woke up and gone to my bathroom. He came after half an hour and slept again. Then I entered into my bathroom to piss off. I found white color thick fluid on my black cotton panty's pussy area on the hanger. My pink used bra also soaked wet. I think that is his sperm. I can't control my self when I saw that thing on my undies. 

I sniffed my bra. Oh my god..! the smell turned me erotic. It's his semen smell. I licked that semen. It's tastes awesome. Immediately I pick my panty. There is still his semen in thick white color. May be at last he masturbated in my panty. I hold it with my hand and started insert that semen area into my vagina. OMG. It feels like I inserted his own dick into my pussy. I rubbed my vaginal walls with that panty and started jerking back and forth with the panty. After some time I leaked my vaginal fluids on the same area where he leaked his semen. The panty is all soaked with my vaginal fluids and his semen. I keep both my panty and bra on the hanger and gone to sleep. 

That night I never slept because of pregnancy fear. In the next morning I went to bathroom again and saw that panty. It all dried up with white stains on it. Hence it's a black panty the stains are clearly visible. I sniffed that panty again and the sexy smell turns me erotic again. I can't control my self and inserted that panty into my vagina using my fingers. I masturbate with it again and leaked my fluids on the panty. After that I washed the pussy area of my panty with water because I am afraid of my mom caught this while throw it in the washing machine. 

I went to college and asked one of my married friend that "Am I get pregnant of doing this?". She said If sperm enters into my ovum, I don't get periods next time. I am too much embarrassed and feared of pregnancy. After few days I got my periods. Ummm... Now I am happy and told to my friend. She said "never do that again". 

So girls be cautious if someone masturbate on your panty, If you wear it or done like me immediately you are getting chances of pregnancy. If you wear it after it dried up, you will never got pregnancy because sperm cells died up within half an hour of coming out from men's penis.


Rahul's Masturbation Story in Divya Aunty's Panties | Story 03

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Story 01: Caught Masturbating in Divya Aunty's Panty
Story 02: Fuck with Divya Aunty with Bra Wrapped Around Penis

That day, Divya aunty come to me after the kid went to school and express her sexual urge to me. She wants her all washed panties and bras filled and soaked with my sperm. After dried up she wants to wear them. I said okay. I never had my bath yet. My penis was dirty due to heavy masturbation attempts in her white thin bra last night. I told her I do it after bath. She said, "No, Do it with your dirty penis". She went into her bed room and bring 5 pairs of her favorite bra and panties. She told me that take time between each attempt. 

I remove my pant and pick one of her soft cotton panty. I peel away my foreskin and started wiping my penis with pussy area of her panty. My penis is all covered with thick white color substance under my foreskin due to heavy masturbation in her bra last night. I wiped off that white substance with her panty. I smelled that panty once after wiping off. It smells like super sexy with my sperm smell. I wiped off my sweat in between my buttocks with that panty and started jerking in that panty. I leaked a heavy load on the pussy area of her panty.

She just came out from bath and called me for lunch. She is super hot with her green tight jacket and yellow printed designer saree. I wore another panty of her and going for lunch with the panty on. While I am doing lunch after some time that panty is soaked with my post cum after last masturbation. She see at it sexily and started pressing my penis through her panty. The cum came out and the panty soaked heavily. She hold my penis through her panty and started jerking front and back. I again cummed in the second panty. 

Till the next day morning I cummed 14 times in her panties and bras. In the morning she collect some of her panties and bras with dried semen stains on them. And leave the remaining to masturbate. My penis was turning red below the foreskin due to heavy masturbation. He pour some oil on my penis and started massaging it. Then I go for bath.

Rahul's Second Masturbation Story on Divya Aunty's Panties

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I kept those panties which my aunty given to me last time when I visited their house in my laptop bag's secret pocket. I daily used those panties for masturbation at night. Sometimes I wore them whole night. I felt like I inserted my penis into her vagina while I wore them. Those are super soft and sexy.

Again I got my holidays. This time also I want to go for my aunt's house in Bangalore. 4 days before I go to bangalore, I used one of those panties every night and let me cum 4 times daily. After 4 days the pussy area of that panty had all my dried semen stains in brown color. 

I went to my Divya aunty's house in Bangalore for another vacation in my holidays. I reached her house at 11AM. Her kid already gone to school. She asks me her old panties last time she gives me while I am leaving. I opened my laptop bag and give her those two panties and a bra. She examine her panties and started smell them on her pussy area. After seeing that white panty which I used 4 times every night before coming, and says at me "You naughty".

She kept that panty with her clothes on the bed. May those are for afternoon bath. And the remaining panty and bra she keep it in the laundry basket. After that she went into the bathroom for bath. 

After she came out, I went for bath. As usual I am looking for her panty for masturbation. I found her black cotton panty and started wanking my penis in the pussy area of her panty. I leaked all my semen on her black panty and wipe of my penis with her 38D bra. That bra was so soft. While I rubbing my penis in that bra cup I felt like, I fuck her vagina. The big cups gives me immense pleasure.

 After I came out, she went into the bathroom and pick her panty and bra and lay them on her bed below ceiling fan to dried up. We had our lunch and she asks me dirty questions. This time we move more freely and dirty chat with each other. She is super sexy in brown saree and brown blouse. In that chat I express my urge to her. I told her that, I want to put my penis in her bra cup and insert it into her vagina once. She smiles at me and yells at me that "Naughty boy". 

After that we go to her bedroom and she asks me to pick a bra of my choice. I picked one of her big cup white thin cotton bra. She removes her brown saree, lehenga and jacket. She looks super hot in stripes panty and brown cotton bra. She come near to me and hugged me tightly. I licked her boobs over brown cotton bra. After that I remove my clothes. Iam going to remove her panty now. 

I removed it half the way down and found that the pussy area of her panty is all wet. She was trying to remove her bra too. But I said no. I want to do with your bra on. She lay down on bed and I pressed her boobs over her bra hardly. She moans and hold my hands tightly. After that I put my hard erected penis into that white thin cotton bra and hold it firmly with my hand below to my penis. It looks like I am wearing a clothed condom.

With my another hand I slide her panty. OMG it's awesome. Her pussy is cleanly shaved and white in color. The pussy lips are opened outside and wet. Hence it was a clear afternoon I clearly saw her pussy in the sun light coming from the window.

I tried to insert my hard earned penis wrapped in thin white bra cup into her vagina. She moans little bit, like she takes a big penis into her vagina. After that I take out. The bra cup was all wet. I inserted my penis wrapped with thin white bra cup again into her vagina and started fuck her slowly. She moans and yells romantically that "I never had a sex like this in my life, You sexy idiot". I started fucking hard. It feels like heaven to me while I fuck her with my dick with soft bra cup. Every time I inserted deep I felt that soft bra cup rubbing her walls inside her vagina. I started fucking very hard and after some time I leaked my sperm into the bra cup wrapped around my penis. I put my penis 4 minutes like that way into her vagina after leaked. 

After that I remove my penis from her vagina. The bra cup was still inside her vagina. It soaked with my sperm and her vaginal fluids a lot. I slowly remove it from her vagina and lay it beside us on the bed and ask her to give it to me at night. She said okay. She told me that, she was never experience an awesome experience like this before. She asks me "Who said this bra fuck to you?". We both get into the bathroom and she wipes my penis with her brown panty by pulling my foreskin. It was felt like again I fuck her pussy while she wipes my penis with her panty. After that she wore the same panty and dressed up.

At that night after dinner I asked her white thin bra again. She gave it to me. On my bed I smelled that bra cup it smells sexy after dried up with my semen and her vaginal fluids too. I wrapped that bra cup around my penis and started jerking again in that. It's again getting wet with my semen. That night I used it four time for masturbation. In the morning she came to me and remove my comforter. At that time I wrapped her bra cup around my dick. She grabs her bra and touches the wetness in the cup and smiles at me sexily.

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Masturbation with my Aunt's Underwear and Caught | By Rahul Kumar

Hi my name is Rahul. I am 24 years old. One day I went to my aunt's house in Bangalore for vacation. Her name is Divya. She is 36 years old and have one kid. The kid gone to school every morning and returns at 4 pm. My uncle was an architect and going for camps on work several days. He came to Bangalore every weekend. 

That day morning when I sit in the hall and watching television, my aunt gone for bath. After she came out, I wanna going for bath. After I am entering into the bathroom I found her clothes on the hanger. Immediately I searched for her undies. Finally I found her yellow and red stripes panty and yellow bra.

I found the panty size is XL on the label. I smell that panty where it landed on my aunty's pussy. The smell is super sexy and my dick is already erected hard when I saw that panty. The bra was 38 D size and the cups are too deep to cover my penis. I lick here panty crotch area and it tastes sexy awesome. After that I wrap her panty around my dick and started jerking. My feeling was just I inserted my dick into her vagina. It is cotton panty and very soft on my dick. After some time I cummed on her panty pussy area. After that I finish my bath and started jerking in her bra cups. I leaked my semen all over her bra right cup and leave those soaked bra and panty as usual on the hanger.

After I came out, she entered into the bathroom to collect clothes for washing. At that time she called me. I went to her to the bathroom. She showed me the white semen on her bra cup and asked me "What is this?". I embarrassed a little bit and my face was turning red.  

I turned my head down and asks aunty to don't tell this to anybody. She smiles while seeing my embarrassed face and told to me that whenever I need one, ask her at that time. I also cool myself and told to aunty that's okay. 

On the other day after kid gone to school, she is in kitchen. I went to kitchen and asked her some panties and bras for masturbation. She asks me to come to her bedroom and open her wardrobe. In one partition she has all her panties and bras and nigh dresses. After that she told me that she will help me today for that. She asks me to remove my paijama and underwear. My penis is already erected more than 90 degrees. She simply touches my penis with her hand and asks me to select one of her panty.

Already my penis is so wet below the foreskin due to pre-cum. Then I selected here yellow cotton panty and started smell that pussy area on the panty. My penis releases more pre-cum while I smell that panty.

After that she grabs that panty from my hand and hold my penis with another hand. She started pull back my foreskin with her hand and it was all wet due to my pre-ejaculation. She wipes of my penis, under foreskin with the pussy area of that panty. That pussy area of that panty is all wet with my pre-cum. She massage my penis under foreskin with that panty. Now my penis dried up and started burning. I told her that. She brings the coconut oil and pour some, on all over my penis under foreskin. She put my penis head on the pussy area of the panty and pour some more coconut oil and started wanking my penis into her panty. 

The zeez sound due to coconut oil hears very sexy while she was jerking my foreskin with her panty. I grab her another panty in the middle and started to smell that. After some time I leaked all my semen on her yellow panty. She folded that panty and keep it in the wardrobe again. That was an awesome experience with my aunt. My penis was so red after she rubbed it in her panty. I went to bath and had lunch after that.

That night before bath I asked her some soft cotton panty to wear for that night. She went into her bedroom got a old pink satin panty and told me that "don't tear that panty". I smiles at her and gone to the bathroom. After bath I wore her soft panty under my paijama. It feels like, I keep my penis in her soft vagina. It was amazing. That feeling make me pre-cum into that panty. Before dinner I went into bathroom for pee. Then I saw that, that pussy area of that panty is all wet with my pre-cum. That night I cummed 4 times in that panty while masturbating. In the morning I saw that pussy area got dried stains of my semen leaked on that. After that I gave it to her.

On the third day after kid gone to school, she went for bath. After that I went into the bathroom and found the same yellow panty which she folded and keep it in the wardrobe yesterday. I though she was wearing that yesterday night. I saw my semen stains on that panty and I started smell that panty. It was mixed smell of her pussy and my dried semen. It's all wet on the pussy area. I thought she also masturbated with the same panty last night.

After came for bath when doing lunch I asked her "are you wear that yellow panty last night?". She said yes. She told me that, she would like to wear that panties with my semen and started rubbing her pussy over it whenever she got mood or after peeing. She pulls her saree up and shows me her pink panty which I used for masturbation 4 times last night. I asked her same pink panty for that day night also. She accepted to give it to me that night. 

Like this I enjoyed my vacation in my aunt's house for 4 days. Before leaving from Bangalore she gives me her 2 old panties and a big cup bra and told me to get those after I came next time.

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