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Since the last time I caught to my aunty with her panties, my aunt supports me in every aspect of sex like which I desire. I am a extreme panty and bra fetish espicially my aunt's. I am 24 and she was 36. I love her XL size used panties very much. She understands my panty fetish desires and helps me with her panties anytime. She gives me any of her panties washed or used at anytime. My uncle was in his camp. And I am at my aunt's house in Bangalore for my summer vacation. Last time I came here for my vacation I get caught by my aunt with my cum leaked on her panty in the bathroom. Then onwards, she voluntarily gave me her panties, bras as well as sex.

One day after the kid gone to school. I am watching TV as usual. She was in the kitchen and busy in cooking lunch. I gone to her bed room and opened her shelf. I found one of her white panty.

I simply grab that panty and pull down my pant. I pulled back my penis foreskin back and wipe off my penis with the crotch area of her panty. My penis was so dirty hence I am masturbated 5 times last night in her used bra. It smells so dirty. After wiped off, I sniffed the crotch area of her panty. It's also smells like my penis. I simply fold that panty and put it back in the shelf. 

After cooking she went to bathroom for a bath. After she came out, I entered into bathroom for bath. After completing my bath I found her sexy pink used panty on the cloth hanger. I can't resist my self after find her pink panty.

I started jerking my penis inside her panty and at the end I leaked my cum all over her panty. I kept the panty on the cloth hanger again. I rolled my towel and came out from bathroom. I told her "my penis was leaking semen because of my masturbation in the bathroom". She opened her shelf and took one of her floral cotton soft panty. She took another old white panty of her and fold it like a pad. She keep that folded white panty into the crotch area of her floral cotton soft panty and ask me to wear it firmly so that my penis correctly fit on that white panty pad. I wear it carefully like she said. I keep my penis on that folded white panty. It was same like women wear sanitary pads into their panties. But she made a pad with her old cotton panty and keep it in the floral panty as a pad to absorb my post cum after masturbation.

On that panty, I want to wear my paijama. But she wants me to not wear piajama. She told me I am looking sexy in her panty. While walking the folded white panty was crushed between my legs. It feels me sexy and crazy. It was so soft and it is absorbing all my post cum leaked from my penis. After some time I leaked some of my urine in the folded panty between my legs. The wetness of the panty drives me sexy.

While I am doing lunch, she sat beside me and started rubbing my penis over the floral panty. When she touches my penis through her panty, It feels like heaven to me. After that she started jerking my penis inside her panty and I leaked my semen in her folded panty between my legs. 

After we both finished our lunch, we go to her bedroom for sex. She simply pull down my floral panty and removes her folded white panty in between my legs. It is fully soaked with my semen and urine. It was so wet. She took that panty and pulled her saree upwards until her hip. She slipped of her panty and started rubbing her clitoris with that soaked folded white panty. After that I took that with my hand and insert it deeply into her pussy. After that I inserted my penis beside that panty into her pussy and started fucking her. She was moaning loudly while I fuck her with my penis and panty in her vagina.

Along with my penis that panty also moving back and forth into her pussy. The folded panty was all soaked with her vaginal fluids. After some time I leaked all my semen inside her vagina. That folded panty inside her vagina absorbed all my semen leaked inside her pussy. I first removes my dick from her vagina and after that I simply pulled her folded white panty from her pussy. The panty was fully soaked with my semen, urine and her vaginal fluids. I ask her to keep it dry on her bed and gives it to me for night masturbation. I am mad about dirty panties for masturbation.

After sex, she gave me her another washed panty to wear. I simply wear it and wear my pant on that. She dressed up and gone to pick up the kid from school.


Period Sex With Divya Aunty | Sensational Sex Story of Mine

One day after kid gone to school, Divya aunty gone to her bedroom after cooking. I also went into her bedroom with her. She opened her shelf and started selecting her clothes for bathing. That day Divya aunty took a grey panty and white cotton bra. I grab that panty and I found some bands on her crotch area of her panty. Then she took sanitary napkin from her drawer in the bottom of the shelf. She insert that sanitary pad inside those two belts and keep it on the bed. May she got her periods.

My penis was turning hard after I saw that panty with sanitary napkin. I simply drop my pants off and put my penis on the pad and started rubbing my penis inside that pant while seeing her face. She looks at me and says "naughty boy". Already I am masturbated 5 times in her used bra last night. That's why my penis was so dirty and it smells dirty. Some white substance formed under foreskin of my penis. I pulled my foreskin back and wipe that white substance to the pad in the panty. After that I sniffed that pad, it smells same like my dirty penis. After jerking 4 minutes in that panty, I dropped all my cum on that pad. I keep that panty in the same state as wrapped around my dick until all my cum leaked inside it. After that she grabs that panty and her clothes. She gone to bathroom for bath.

After she came out, I entered into bathroom for bath. After finishing my bath I found one blue period panty on the cloth hanger. It is her used period panty last night. My dick was raising above 90 degrees after I found that panty below her used clothes. I simply wear that panty and wrapped my towel as usual.

The panty was so wet, and the wetness between my thighs drives me sexy while I am walking. Ever time I pull my towel and started rubbing my penis inside her used period panty. After that I wear my paijama and vest. Already some of my pre cum leaked on the crotch area of her panty and the wetness touches between my thighs while I am walking. 

During lunch, I asked her to fuck in her periods. She said yes. She simply unzip my pant and insert her hand through the opened pant while I am eating my lunch. She was surprised after inserting her hand over her panty. She said "You naughty boy, you wearing my last night used period panty?" I said yes. She laughs at me sexily and wank my penis inside her period panty during my lunch. While she rubs my penis inside her panty I leaked some pre cum inside her panty.

After we both complete our lunch, we gone to her bedroom. She lifted her saree up and lay on the bed. I also removes my pant and lay beside her. She put her hand on the dick over her used panty and started massage my dick. I simply insert my hand into her panty and started jerking my fingers into her pussy. The pad she wears making crazy noises while I jerking her vagina. After removing my fingers from her pussy, my fingers are all with her menstrual blood. I grab one of her 38 D brown cotton bra and wiped my hand inside bra cups. 

After that I smelled her period panty which she wears. The smell of the panty drives me sexy and I can't control my self. I place that bra below her buttocks and arrange one cup below her pussy for collecting menstrual blood while I fuck her. I simply slide her panty beside. She also grab my penis with one hand by pulling my panty aside and insert it into her vagina by pulling my foreskin back. At the first time I felt my penis was so wet after inserting into her pusssy and removing out. After that I saw my penis was all with her menstrual blood. I ask her is it okay? She said yes and wipe my penis with her bra cup which I kept under her buttocks. After that I inserted my penis back into her vagina and started fucking her hard. The sound of fucking was so zeezy with her menstrual fluids and drives me crazy while fuck her. After few minutes I leaked all my cum inside her vagina.

I stay like that for about 10 minutes until all the cum leaked in her pussy. After that I pull out my penis from her vagina. It was soaked with her menstrual fluids and the bra cup was all filled with her menstrual blood. She grab her old panty and started wiping all of her menstrual blood on my penis. After that I again wear her used period panty and my pant.

I am erotically enjoying my period sex with my Divya aunty that afternoon. After that she removes that pad from her panty and rolled it in a paper to throw it in the dustbin. After that she wore a new pad in the same panty again.


My Dirty Penis Cleaning with Divya Aunty Panties

One day after kid gone to school, I am eagerly waiting for the time to fuck my Divya aunty. Just now I saw moods condom ad on the TV and my penis was fully erected after seeing hot model in bra. I entered into kitchen. Divya aunty was busy in cooking. She is looking super hot in gold jari black saree and black jacket.

I removed my paijama and lifted her saree upwards towards her hip. She wore black cotton panty. I pressed her soft buttocks through that black panty. She moans sexily. I pull my foreskin backwards and started rubbing my penis over her panty. My pre cum was stick to all over her panty. I can't control myself after seeing her buttocks in her sexy black panty. Immediately I pulled her panty down and she also helped me to remove it. I took her panty with my right hand and keep my penis on the pussy area of her panty. It's already wet with her vaginal fluids and urine. I felt her wetness with my penis. It's feeling sexy to wank my penis inside her panty. 

After that with my right hand I started jerking in her panty and with my left hand I pressed her big 38D breast. After some time I leaked all my cum inside her panty.

After that I gave it to her. She spread my semen all over her panty and wore it again. She started to rub her panty over clitoris for about 3 minutes and leave her saree downwards. 

Before bath she was taking her clothes from the shelf. I asked her to fuck. She removes her saree and lehenga and lay down on bed. I slide her panty and insert my penis into her vagina. I stay like that for 2 minutes after that I remove my penis from her pussy. My penis is all wet with her vaginal fluids. I wiped my penis with her panty on the bed which she took to wear after bath. Again I pull my foreskin back and inserted my penis into her vagina. This time I felt more sexy with my foreskin pulled back. This time also I stay like this for about 2 minutes. Meanwhile, she started tighten her pussy and loosen again and again. This drives me crazy without jerking her. I remove my penis ones again and wiped all the vaginal fluids on my penis with her washed panty.

After that I started fucked her hardly by inserting my penis deep into her vagina. She moans everytime I throw my penis hard into her vagina. My penis was feeling sexy while it was friction through her vagina walls. I fucked her 10 minutes and leaked all my cum inside her vagina. 

After that she went to bathroom. My penis was all dirty and smells very dirty by masturbating 6 times since last night. I grab one of her white cotton bra from her shelf. I pulled back my foreskin and started cleaning my dirty penis with her washed fresh white bra. After that I sniffed that bra cup, It's smells dirty like my dirty penis. I am feeling sexy again while I wipe my penis with that soft cotton bra. I started masturbating again inside the bra cup and leaked all my cum inside her bra cup. I fold that bra as it is and keep it in the shelf again.