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My Masturbation Story with Married Girl's Bra

Hi my name is Rakesh. I am a 27 year old married guy. My wife was gone to her home town for delivery. We lived in Bangalore. I am a female used underwear fetish. There is a flat beside our flat in next building. In that a new couple lived in it. May be they are North Indians i think. That lady is so beautiful and bubbly. My watchman told me they are both software engineers. 

Hence it was a summer she opened their kitchen door at all the nights. I observed her from my bedroom window. Usually she wears tight night pants along with T-Shirts. Since so many days, I observed that her husband was not at home. She only cooks herself and sat on dining chairs and watching TV alone. Outside of their kitchen there is a wash area. In that the servant hang her dried clothes everyday. Once I saw her bras and panties I can't resist my self. I masturbated while I am seeing them from my window.

One day I observed a friend of her also stays at there with her. I observed some new bras and panties which are bigger than her hanged on cloth line. She is also so bubbly and skinny. So I think, I wanna talk with her anyway. I walked into my corridor and looking her straightly while she is in her kitchen. She came out to collect the clothes and saw me while staring at her. I gave a small smile at her. She never smiled at me. After that she entered into her living room and came to kitchen again. She was trying to observe me through her kitchen window whether I am here or not. Again I gave a smile to her. This time she also smiles at me. I asked her phone number by doing some hand signals. She bring a chopping board and started writing her phone number by writing one by one with chalk piece. I note down her phone number and immediately called her.

She lift my phone and said "Hi". I talked with her casually by asking her name, age, job and about her husband. She said he is in camp. Since then I called her everyday when she was at home. After a week, I flirted her with my funny and romantic conversations. In between conversations I told her about my fetishism towards used bras and panties. Then she also discuss her sexual desires with me. One day, she opened her kitchen door completely and asked me to see her through my bedroom window. I shocked when I saw her like that. She was standing in her living room with her bare maroon bra and panty. After I saw her like that, I can't resist my self and asked her used bra for masturbation. She came to her corridor with towel rolling around her and through her used bra to my corridor. I immediately grab that and keep it inside my jeans pocket.

After came inside, I also removed my clothes and opened that bedroom window. I started masturbating with her used bra while talking with her over phone and saw her in sexy undies. The bra was cotton bra and it was 38 D. Her boobs are really huge. After jerking some time I leaked all my sperm inside her bra cup. After that I dressed up and throw her bra into her wash area. She grab it and gone inside. She opened that and observed my semen inside her bra cup. She smiles at me naughty and massage her pussy with my semen in her bra.

Since then, she gave me her used bras, panties for masturbation everyday. I smelled all of her panties and bras and feeling very sexy of her smell. Sometimes she gave me her washed panties and asked me to masturbate inside them. I masturbate inside them and throw them into her wash area. She wear them immediately before going to office or outside. She says, it is feeling very sexy to her like fucking me while my semen's wetness moves in between her thighs while walking.

After some days her friend came again. She told me everything between us to her friend. Sometimes her friend also talk to me over phone. Sometimes they asked me to remove my clothes and masturbate by opening my window in front of them.

We three are planning to do sex in their flat tomorrow. I wrote my experience in next story. Please stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories"


My Neighbor Aunty Gives her Panty on my Wife's Request

Hi I am Vinay. I am a recently married guy. My wife was very supportive in satisfying my sexual desires. I am a bra, panty fetish. My wife also knows this. We use my wife's bra or panty in our sex every day. Mostly I used my wife's thin bra as a condom during sex. I wrap it one of her bra cup around my dick and inserted it into her vagina. It gives me more pleasure than doing sex normally. 

Earn with Your Used Panties

My building's family ladies are all host a time pass meeting at the evening in any one's home. One day they have discussed birth control methods what their husbands follow. My wife told them, I am a bra and panty fetish and I was used her bra and panty as a condom. First, they are all laughed. During Dussehra holidays my wife goes to her hometown. Before going to her hometown, she told to the neighbor aunty to gave me curries every day because I am suffering from fever. 

Next day, after she went to her hometown neighbor aunty knock my door and give me some curries as well as she asks me "If you want any panties or bra of mine, please don't hesitate to ask". She also told me "Your wife told me you are a bra and panty fetish". I felt a little bit nervous after she asking me like that. My penis was rising above 90 degrees in my pajama. I don't wear any underwear at that time. She saws at my penis and throws me back and enters into my flat. After that, she asks me where is the bathroom. I told her it's in the bedroom. She went into the bathroom and came out after 5 minutes. 

After came out, she told me "I leave my underwear and bra in the bathroom and I will collect them in the evening". After that, I lock my door and entered into that bathroom. I found her wet velvet floral panty and biscuit color cotton bra on cloth hanger. 

Immediately, I can't resist myself after seeing them on the hanger. I grab her panty and wiped my dirty penis under my foreskin. I grabbed her bra and used that as my underwear. I masturbated 5 times inside her bra and the bra was dried with all of my leaked semen. The smell is also like my dirty penis. After that, my penis was all wet with post cum after masturbation. I wear her panty for 1 hour. Her panty was all wetted with my post cum. 

I rubbed my penis after urine with her bra every time I go to urine. That used bra was all wet with my semen and urine. At the evening she knocks my door and asks her undies. I gave her those and she looks the wetness on her panty and gives a smile at me.

It was an awesome experience wit my neighbor aunt and masturbation in her bra and panty.

Maybe she would tell this to my wife after she came from holidays.


I Went to Lady Doctor for my Penis Checkup

My name is Karteek. I am 29 years old and unmarried. I live in single bedroom flat in Chennai as single. Besides my flat, there is a family. My flat is behind their flat. To go to my flat I have to walked along their long corridor. The steps are beside their flat. 

There is a cloth dry line thread along the corridor for both of us. The aunty who lives beside my room was a middle aged housewife with 6 years daughter. I was a panty and bra fetish. I can't control my self after seeing any panty or bra privately. 

I am a software engineer and usually I came from office late nights. The light in the corridor is switched off after 10pm. The corridor is full of darkness after 10pm. Everyday I found some bras and panties dried on that cloth line. I know those belongs to neighbor aunty. 

One day, when I was gone through that dark corridor at 1 AM in the night, I found one black bra and maroon panty on the cloth line. My heart was beating fast after seen them. I simply grab them with my hand and keep them in my pant pocket. Rapidly, I went to my room and started sniffing them. The smell drives me too hot. That's the smell of aunty pussy. The bra is 38 D "Lovable" cotton black bra. And the panty is "Juliet" XXL cotton maroon panty. 

I observe the crotch area was with some blood stains. I think those are her menstrual panties. I removed my pant down and started rubbing my dirty penis inside her 38D bra cup. I pulled of my foreskin back and wiped my pink with that bra cup. The white substance is all wiped off with that black bra cup.

That night, I never gone for bath and wears that bra as my underpant. I jerked off my dirty penis inside her black bra cup 6 times in the night. In the middle of the night, whenever I woke up, I again jerking off and leaked my semen all over her bra cup. In the morning when I woke up, I observed my penis pink part was in red color and it's so pain. I woke up early in the morning before the sun comes up and keep that bra and panty as usual on the dry lane.

I felt my penis was too pain and I was very afraid of it. So I went to a multi specialty hospital near in my locality and asked for a general physician. The lady in the reception told me that, Mrs. Sarita was only available general physician at that time. I asked her for any other male doctor, but she said not available. I pay my consultation fee for Dr. Mrs. Sarita and wait for my turn to go to her. There was no patients in front of her room. I think she is free now. Her assistant came out from her room and asked me to go to the doctor.

I entered into her room. She was pretty beautiful middle aged woman wearing white satin saree and white cotton jacket. Her bra is tightly visible through her jacket. I told her, my penis was so red under foreskin and getting pain often. She said to me to lock the door firmly. After that she told me to remove the pant and show my penis. I feel little bit nervous and shown her my penis pic in my mobile which I took before coming to the hospital. She said it's not look like this and wants to see the penis directly.

So, I remove my pant and underwear. She holds my penis with her hand and pull off my foreskin back. She smelled my penis and asked me "have you masturbate heavily?" I said yes. Then she asked me "are you used any hard objects to masturbate like blankets, bottles etc..?" I said, I used my neighbour aunty's bra. She said it was a very common problem called "Sore Penis" due to heavy masturbation. She said my semen needs to be check. She asked me to jerk off my penis again. I said "I can't jerk off with only my bare hand". I told her, I can masturbate, if there is any panty, bra or hand towel available. She went into her restroom and bring her black cotton XXL panty to me to jerk off. I simply wrap her crotch are over my penis and started jerking my penis inside her panty. After some time, I released my sperm all over her black panty and gave it to her. She smelled that thing and checked with her two fingers. 

After that she went into her rest room again and came back after 2 minutes. I think she wore that panty again. She wrote some ointments and anti fungal tablets for me and come back after 5 days. I asked her for her old bras if any for masturbation. She said, she will bring them in the next visit. She gave me her mobile number and asked me to give a reminder call before the day I go to her again.

I will share my masturbation story inside her bra next time. Stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories" blog.


My Brother-In-Law Afternoon Sex with my Elder Sister | Must Read

Hi my name is Ramya. I am studying fashion technology in NIFT, Hyderabad. My sister was married and my brother-in-law was a exports businessman in Pune, Maharashtra. On my summer vacation, they invited me to their town. My brother-in-law was very handsome and aged about 33.

I went to Pune to their house for my vacation in April 2017. My brother-in-law usually comes to home everyday for lunch and stays at home until 4 PM everyday. One day I was watching TV in living room after finishing our lunch. My sister wants me to sleep in another bedroom after lunch. But I am watching an interesting romantic picture in TV. Their bedroom door was very close to sofa in living room. They gone to their bedroom after lunch to sleep. I am still watching that movie hence it was more interesting. After some time I reduced the TV volume fully. Because, I don't want to disturb their sleep. 

After some time I hear some continues bed noises from their bedroom. My heart was beating fast than normal after hearing that. I know they are fucking with each other. I was in complete mood and my vaginal fluids start to discharge inside my panty. I felt that wetness behind my thighs. I slowly put my ear near to that door. I hear some moaning noises of my elder sister. My brother-in-law was talking very vulgar with my sis during fuck. I was become too sexy after hearing that moaning sounds. 

Suddenly those bed shaking sounds are stopped. I went to sofa and increase the TV volume again. After some time, my sister came from bedroom for water. Her saree was some what crushed in the middle and her black bra came out of her jacket and clearly visible. Her hair was some what ruined and she was adjusting it with her hand. After some time my brother-in-law also came out with fully dressed up and sat in front of me on another sofa chair. After five minutes my sister came and told me that they are going for some personal shopping and stay at home until they came. 

After they went out, I locked the main door and entered into their bedroom. I searched their bed and found some wet marks in the middle of the bed. I started sniffing those wet stains on bed. Those are surely my brother-in-law's semen stains. That smell was driven me more sexy mood and I started licking those wet stains. After licking his sperm on the bed, I searched their used clothes basket for his underwear. Suddenly I found my sister's "Juliet" cotton panties all wet with my brother-in-laws fresh semen on the crotch area of it. 

I simply remove my skin tight and pull of my panty aside. After that, I inserted her panty's crotch area inside my pussy and started massaging with the semen on it. The zeez sound coming while I am rubbing that panty inside my vagina. It drives me more sexy and I leaked all my vaginal fluids inside my sister's panty.

After that I searched for his underwear. Finally I found his black "Jockey" underwear. I found some white stains on the crotch area of his underwear. May be those are his semen stains. I wiped off my vaginal fluids during masturbation with that underwear and keep it same in that basket.

It was an awesome experience like I fucked with my brother-in-law when I was inserting my sister's cum filled panties inside my pussy. Hope you guys are enjoyed a lot with my short and crisp story. Stay tuned to "Kamini Night Stories" for further sex stories of mine with my brother-in-law.